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Our Core Services

Trees, shrubs, hedges and bushes 

Low level and small tree pruning and cutting back.

Shrubs, hedges and bushes pruned, trimmed, planted and removed

Landscaping Design

Whether you are renting and living with someone else's vision that has got blurred, or you have a blank canvas and need to talk out you ideas, even need to get back on track with what you've got or inherited; we're happy to work with your ideas to create your piece of paradise.

Rubbish Removal

Yard non garden waste clears, old cars, metal, worn out and collapsed sheds, wood piles, rubble, household items and rubbish; it just isn't gardening and it isn't something we do. But we know a very reputable company that does and will be happy to pass you onto them for a visit and quote.

Then call us after and we can help with the transformartion.

Lawn Maintenance

This is why we really need to come to you and see what you really need for us to do, just a fortnightly trim and edge, an ongoing removal of weeds, fill in the patches, level, help with drainage, reshape; maintenance is a huge umbrella term.

Latest Projects

Green Grass
not happy with your lawn

Rather than do all the work and charge you for it, we can also help you discover lawn care and show you the path to lush grass...

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Growing food
Plant, care for, harvest, eat

You don't have to plant a farm, it can be a few lettuce in a window box, peas along a fence, strawberries by the door, or it could be a full market garden...

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Clean up
Garden Care

No composting space or garden rubbish bin?

We can arrange a garden clean up and tidy but we don't do yard clears...

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Be happy

Gardens and flowers, one or two clumps here and there or an all year round haze of colour straight from the artists brush, it really doesn't take too much effort...

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The Border
Enclosed or open?

There is more to a border than a few plants on the floor in front of a fence, it can hide or reveal eyesores or beauty

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Lawn Cutter
Lawn Care and the rules

You can bend them, edit them, customise them, ignore them but there are rules for cutting grass to get the very best from it and that includes equipment too... 

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Question & Answer

What geographic areas do you cover? 

We are based in Far North Queensland and work between Gordonvale and Smithfield.

We are happy to discuss work outside of these areas.

Why no prices or phone quotes?

It's better for us all if we visit for free first.

No matter how descriptive you are we may still not fully understand what you need

A small tree may be 2 meters it maybe 6, we may see something you hadn't thought of or forgot to mention.