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After watching, for sometime, various small and large businesses, franchises and companies turning up at peoples homes and tearing through a lawn cut and disappearing in under 30 minutes; a question slowly formed.


Does no one have use for a gardener anymore?


Someone who took care and nurtured your little part of paradise, who helped you plan and maintain, weed and plant, someone who only cut the lawn when it wouldn’t be damaged and brought it to its own glory, had a yearly planner so you could see your garden growing with you and your family; this, this was a gardener.


Old-fashioned gardening is what we’re about, yes, you can just have your grass cut, but if you want it done in 15 minutes and see us screeching away, I would suggest FNQ Gardening is not who you are looking for.


Key Services Offered :

The business has three main areas of expertise for residential and business premises:

  • Soft landscaping – including planning and planting patios, adding life to retaining walls, rockeries, borders and hiding the unsightly.
  • Small Tree Surgery – trees, shrubs and bushes requiring containment and general pruning and shaping.
  • Lawn Care – grass cutting, weeding and general maintenance.
just a trim
no telephone quotes

your idea of a quick grass trim and ours maybe a little different

Herman Smith

Brought up from the age of 10 on one of Southern England’s top fruit farms and then studying at Hadlow College of Horticulture and Agriculture in Kent, Herman has had a good grounding in classic and modern solutions to everyday and unusual projects and challenges horticulture offers.

It is perhaps the 19th and early 20th Century Gardener that really holds a place in his heart, those that toiled for someone else’s vision, in a garden that was never theirs and yet was very much theirs; leaving their own personal touch.

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Posted on 01 Feb 2019
a work in progress check back end of February
Posted on 01 Feb 2019
A work in progress check back end of February
Posted on 01 Feb 2019
A work in progress check back end of February